First and foremost, Studio Neat would not be a company today if not for our wonderful Kickstarter backers and our loyal customers. Thanks for believing in us.

Special thanks to our lovely wives, Katrina and Kacie, for being supportive throughout and offering valuable feedback, edits, and revisions. And for letting us turn our homes into Studio Neat HQ.

Many thanks to Clay Shirky for providing the foreword to this book, and our friends Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy for contributing their experiences with manufacturing in China.

It has been imperative to have multiple pairs of eyes look over various drafts of the book; to that end we want to thank our dear friend Liane Noble for her valuable feedback and revisions, Andrew Kim for his legal expertise, and Erin Allingham for the final copy edit and polish.

And of course, thanks to our pal Caroline Oh for the book cover and layout design. You make our stuff look good!